Sumatra, Indonesia

Photographs taken in the period 1890-1900 by my great-grandfather Johannes Theodoor Ponse (1862-1908) of his Dutch family and their life in Indonesia:

Two photos of Johannes Theodorus Ponse, born in Semarang, Indonesia (1-9-1862):

Cornelia Catharina Alberda (1862-1947), wife of J.Th. Ponse with her daughter Kitty (Cornelia Catharina) Ponse (1897-1982):

A portrait of the Ponse family (± 1899) is available at

Geneva, Switzerland

In 1902, the Ponse family moved back to Europe and settled in Geneva, Switzerland in 1904/05; here is a photo of their home l'Ermitage (watch the balcony).

My great-aunt Kitty Ponse was the last Ponse to live in Geneva, where she became a professor at the University of Geneva.

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